TASC Sticky Notes


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Offer support to kids that struggle to understand what to do with individual activities!

The TASC card helps define exactly what the expectations are of any given assignment or activity: Time, Activity, Supplies, Complete. Use the time space to tell how long an activity should take (time expectation), maximum time allowed (time limit), or a scheduled time. The activity space helps build common language on what to call the upcoming activity. Use the supplies space to define everything that will needed in order to prevent stopping what is going on or the dreaded “what do I need?” questions. The complete space allows step by step directions to prevent confusion!

TASC cards can easily be used in a Positive Behavior Support Plan. They are a visual way to see what work has beecn done and counted to earn rewards.

Each pad of TASC sticky note has 50 3×3 inch notes.


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