Place Value to 1000 Keynote Presentation (MacOS)


Help your students make the jump from counting by ones and into using place value! This interactive presentation will let your students expressive and receptively understand place value and make strong visual-symbol correspondence. They’ll be able to see the place value difference, setting them up for future success with exponents!



Did you know that the brain can only recognize up to three like objects before it has to count? Anything beyond 3, we need to use math strategies!

Introduce the numbers 1-5 with concept of a five frame! Show students how to count in an orderly fashion while building up an understanding of fact families to five. Students will also begin to develop algebra skills of a two part values that add to a whole!

This lesson, designed with visual-symbol correspondence and neuro-educational strategies, helps bridge the underlying brain needs with standards aligned math strategies to start students off on their mathematical understanding!

What’s Included:

24 slide presentation to use in lessons in classrooms, at home, or virtual
Unique slides that let you demonstrate, show, and model mathematical thinking
The beginnings of a solid lesson: Introduction, Direct Instruction, and Guided Practice sections!
Slide / presenter notes help give suggestions on how to effectively use this presentation effectively in your lesson!

Product Details

This is a digital download file. You will not receive anything physical.

This file is a Keynote file. Depending on your version of Keynote, you may need to upgrade it; doing so will not affect the content. It will open on computers running MacOS or on icloud.


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